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Matthew Uzukwu


Welcome to, a website dedicated to sharing the love/romance novels and novellas of Matthew Uzukwu. Content on a majority of platforms consist of everything but good love/romance stories/books. Love is an emotional state of being we all go through at one or several points in our lives. Many handle it well, and many others do not. Many are lucky to find good love, and there are others who are not so lucky.  The plots in these books may bring back memories to some of you—hopefully good memories. The aim is to bring to your reading pleasure great stories. So, upload the pdf or e-book version to your phone, laptop or desktop and enjoy. You can also listen to the audiobook version on Youtube, and they are all for free. Printed copies are available on order at a per book cost of $15 plus shipping costs of $10. You can also support the site with your generous donations.    

We are based in the USA, in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area. The books are copyright. If interested in adaptations for movies, any other artistic activity or translations, please contact us for further direction

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Janet is married to Morris, who is an only son. It is customary practice among their ethnic group to prohibit women from inheriting property. A man who dies without siring a male heir therefore forfeits his property to male relatives (brothers and uncles).

Janet must therefore bear a male child for Morris. Clara,a feisty and extroverted woman, is Morris’s mother. She is also interested in the male blood line of the family avoiding extinction after her son. Janet’s first, second and third children are all girls.
She is depressed and deems herself an “inadequate woman.”Clara marries a young girl named Sylvia for Morris without his knowledge. Their culture permits this, by the way. Morris, who still loves Janet, rejects the marriage when he learns about it.
Janet’s fourth child is yet another girl. Morris reconsiders his position about Sylvia, accepts her as his second wife, carries on a discreet relationship with her and she bears him a son, but this event occurs after Morris had promised Janet a trip to the USA for sex selection treatment. They travel to America where Janet receives treatment. During the ensuing pregnancy, her fifth, Janet finds out that Morris has fathered a child with Sylvia. She is hurt and suicidal. They reconcile and she goes on to bear him that elusive son. Morris now has a polygamous and bifurcated family, and a new challenge in uniting it under one roof.

Aisha, tall and beautiful, is abducted from her secondary boarding school, along with hundreds of her school mates, by terrorists. They are taken to a camp of the terrorists deep inside a forest, where they are married off to fighters of the terrorist organization and made to live under a cruel order. Ahmad, Aisha’s fiancé and an ex soldier, vows to rescue her. He fakes his way into joining the terrorist organization so he could use his covert presence there to rescue her. The plan runs into serious trouble and Ahmad is captured.  Aisha gets into trouble as well from a framed up adultery charge. Both are sentenced to die and are awaiting execution when dramatic events suddenly occur to redirect the hopeless situation.


Pressure to Mutilate

Pressure To Mutilate by Matthew Uzukwu is the story of a young man from Africa, Osak, who came to study in America and fell in love with a white woman, Ingrid. They married, and after three miscarriages Ingrid finally gave birth to their first child, Felicia. Osak informed his parents of the child's birth, and after consultation with their tribesmen, his parents received news that Felicia was born as the reincarnation of Uwa, the founder of their tribe generations ago. Osak's father asked him to bring Felicia to Africa, where they would perform the necessary circumcision. His father warned him of the potential death of his daughter if he refused. During Osak's period of indecision, Felicia becomes seriously ill on several occasions...


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Pressure To Mutilate by Matthew Uzukwu is an intense, layered, and suspenseful story.
While I could empathize with Osak over his concerns for his daughter's health and
understanding the importance of the circumcision ritual fundamental to his beliefs and
culture, as a woman I empathized deeply with Ingrid and Felicia. An act is imposed on this
young girl, unable to speak or decide for herself, an action that stifles her autonomy
before she has even acquired any independence. Through Osak's neglect to inform his
wife about the dilemma, he robs Ingrid of the opportunity to protect and speak on behalf
of her daughter, thus stifling Ingrid's freedom as well. The dialogue between the
characters was realistic and natural, as the opinions shared by the characters were
diverse. This is a complex story that left me in deep thought. The plot is brilliant, bold, and
complex, stirring up critical and diverse debates in contemporary society."

                                                      LITERARY REVIEW

                                                                 K.C. Finn

Brave Love is a work of fiction in the action, suspense, and romance subgenres. It is best suited to the general adult reading audience and was penned by author Matthew Uzukwu. In this tense and exciting novel filled with danger, disaster, and the power of undying love, we meet the central couple, Aisha and Ahmad. Aisha is a happy, contented student who is betrothed to ex-soldier Ahmad, but their dreams of a happy life together are dashed when Aisha and many other schoolmates are abducted by a terrorist organization. It’s up to Ahmad to risk it all and disguise himself as a member of ZOBBO in order to infiltrate and rescue his beloved.This is easily one of the most unique love stories that I’ve read all year, not least because of the interesting setting and cultural elements of the tale, but also because it highlights real-world issues that are not that far away from the world of fiction. Author Matthew Uzukwu presents characters who are emotionally realistic, reacting in brave but highly credible ways to the dangers around them. It was refreshing to follow two very good-natured souls through their journey to try to be reunited, and the plot takes plenty of twists and turns as they both find themselves risking their lives to escape from terrorist tyranny and find harmony together once again. Overall, I would certainly recommend Brave Love for romance readers looking for something truly different from the boring, standard love stories, and an action-packed novel with characters who will settle deep into your heart.

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About Matthew Uzukwu

Matthew Uzukwu is a Novelist, Script Writer, Film Maker, and an Adjunct Professor.

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