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Janet is married to Morris, who is an only son. It is customary practice among their ethnic group to prohibit women from inheriting property. A man who dies without siring a male heir therefore forfeits his property to male relatives (brothers and
uncles). Janet must therefore bear a male child for Morris. Clara,a feisty and extroverted woman, is Morris’s mother. She is also interested in the male blood line of the family avoiding extinction after her son. Janet’s first, second and third children are all girls.
She is depressed and deems herself an “inadequate woman.”Clara marries a young girl named Sylvia for Morris without his knowledge. Their culture permits this, by the way. Morris, who still loves Janet, rejects the marriage when he learns about it.
Janet’s fourth child is yet another girl. Morris reconsiders his position about Sylvia, accepts her as his second wife, carries on a discreet relationship with her and she bears him a son, but this event occurs after Morris had promised Janet a trip to the USA for sex selection treatment. They travel to America where Janet receives treatment. During the ensuing pregnancy, her fifth,
Janet finds out that Morris has fathered a child with Sylvia. She is hurt and suicidal. They reconcile and she goes on to bear him that elusive son. Morris now has a polygamous and bifurcated family, and a new challenge in uniting it under one roof.

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Pressure to Mutilate (2022)  

A Novel 

Osak is the dashing young African who moves to America to further his education. He graduates, starts a career and marries Ingrid, his college sweetheart who is white. Ingrid gives birth to a baby girl. Osak, prince and heir to the throne of his hometown where his father is king, comes under pressure to bring the baby home to Africa for circumcision. Osak resists because he abhors female genital mutilation. He also thinks Ingrid would be horrified if she learned about what his parents wanted him to do. Osak’s parents had consulted an oracle which revealed that the baby was the reincarnate of the matriarch of their hometown, a woman named Uwa. The royal family was thus obligated by culture and tradition to carry out the circumcision and a reincarnation rite for the baby. Osak still resists until strange things begin to happen to him. A nine feet tall and wrinkled old lady appears in his dreams several times, the same woman appears in the bathroom mirror during a shave, and the baby girl becomes chronically ill, going in and out of hospitals. Osak’s father had warned him of these repercussions if he failed to comply with what their culture demanded of him to do. Osak could lose Ingrid, who would certainly oppose the circumcision and even divorce him over it, or risk losing the baby whom the wrinkled old lady had told Osak was her reincarnate. The ancestral realm, she had warned Osak in a dream, demanded that the circumcision and the reincarnation rite be done for the baby to live. Osak’s decision on what to do is
a tough one.


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Brave Love (2022)  

A Novel 

Aisha, tall and beautiful, is abducted from her secondary boarding school, along with hundreds of her school mates, by terrorists. They are taken to a camp of the terrorists deep inside a forest, where they are married off to fighters of the terrorist organization and made to live under a cruel order. Ahmad, Aisha’s fiancé and an ex soldier, vows to rescue her.

He fakes his way into joining the terrorist organization so he could use his covert presence there to rescue her. The plan runs into serious trouble and Ahmad is captured.  Aisha gets into trouble as well from a framed up adultery charge. Both are sentenced to die and are awaiting execution when dramatic events suddenly occur to redirect the hopeless situation.   


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