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Exciting Review - Brave Love

Brave Love is a work of fiction in the action, suspense, and romance

sub genres. It is best suited to the general adult reading audience and

was penned by author Matthew Uzukwu. In this tense and exciting

novel filled with danger, disaster, and the power of undying love, we

meet the central couple, Aisha and Ahmad. Aisha is a happy,

contented student who is betrothed to ex-soldier Ahmad, but their

dreams of a happy life together are dashed when Aisha and many

other schoolmates are abducted by a terrorist organization. It’s up to

Ahmad to risk it all and disguise himself as a member of ZOBBO in

order to infiltrate and rescue his beloved.

This is easily one of the most unique love stories that I’ve read all

year, not least because of the interesting setting and cultural elements

of the tale, but also because it highlights real-world issues that are not

that far away from the world of fiction. Author Matthew Uzukwu

presents characters who are emotionally realistic, reacting in brave but

highly credible ways to the dangers around them. It was refreshing to

follow two very good-natured souls through their journey to try to be

reunited, and the plot takes plenty of twists and turns as they both

find themselves risking their lives to escape from terrorist tyranny and

find harmony together once again. Overall, I would certainly

recommend Brave Love for romance readers looking for something

truly different from the boring, standard love stories, and an action-

packed novel with characters who will settle deep into your heart.

K.C. Finn - Readers' Favorite

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